Dental Anxiety

If you’re afraid of the dentist, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is incredibly common, especially before a big procedure such as a wisdom tooth extraction or a root canal. At MGS Dental, we offer different types of sedation to help eliminate feelings of anxiety and allow you to experience your procedure in a calm and pain-free manner. Here are just some of them:


NuCalm is a form of sedation that uses a combination of technologies instead of drugs to make you comfortable. NuCalm works by mimicking the natural conditions that your brain experiences when you are falling asleep. To learn more about NuCalm, visit

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, often referred to as “laughing gas,” is a safe, hypo-allergenic sedation method that consists of a mix of a nitrogen and oxygen gases. The sedation works by allowing you to feel like you’re in a calmer, euphoric state after inhaling the gas mixture.

If you have any questions about sedation dentistry, our staff at MGS Dental would be happy to assist you.

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