Gendex Digital X-rays


Our office has the latest technology in dental equipment available today. All x-rays are digital format with a range of tools designed to optimize the dentist’s ability to diagnose problems and communicate with the patient.

Virtual Implant Placement Software


A fully integrated virtual treatment planning solution that increases case predictability and enhances post operative outcome

Odyssey Navigator diode laser

Odyssey Navigator diode laser

Lasers used to be the stuff of sci-fi movies but these days you’re just as likely to find them in state-of-the-art dental offices. Lasers have made new dental treatments possible while improving upon more traditional ones. Lasers don’t replace dental instruments, but they help them work better and make treatment more comfortable. Lasers can remove diseased gum tissues to prevent gum disease, painlessly remove canker sores and help cold-sensitive teeth. Many patients report a pleasant anesthetic benefit, as the laser seems to desensitize the area being treated.


Gendex Orthoralix
Sonicweld Rx
Dre Waveline Touch Patient

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic abilities cenvter around our Gendex Orthoralix 8500 panorex machine. This technology is capable of producing high quality digital imaging that assists us in accurate diagnoses and careful treatment planning of a wide variety of TMJ disorders, implants, different types of osseous surgery, wisdom teeth extractions and other general procedures.

Sonicweld Rx is an ultrasonic technique that allows dentists to build bone in areas that were originally thought not possible. Coupled with resorbable materials, Sonicweld Rx penetrates deep into bone structures, giving dentists a three dimensional anchorage for unrivalled stability and optimal bone grafting. Since the materials are resorbable, there is no need for a second surgery making it easier and more convenient for the patient.

At MGS Dental we care about patient’s safety. The DRE Waveline Touch Patient Monitor helps to continuously monitor patient’s vital signs during the surgery.