All You Need to Know About Bone Grafting

Are you interested in getting a dental implant to improve your smile? Your dentist may have brought to your attention the need of first getting a bone graft. Our dentists at MGS Dental provide routine and experienced bone grafts for our patients. To fully understand what is involved with a bone graft procedure and why it can benefit you, we encourage you to continue reading below.

About Bone Grafts

Modern bone grafts can be used to fix a number of dental issues and help to maintain your oral health. Bone grafting is a routine procedure our dentists at MGS Dental perform regularly. Your dentist will provide you with local anesthesia to avoid any pain and calm you during your procedure. A number of materials can be used for a bone grafting procedure. Our dentists prefer to use bone from your own body. This minimizes the chances of your body rejecting the new graft. They can take bone from your hip, jaw, or lower knee. If needed, our dentists can take bone from a tissue bank. Bone grafting allows for your body to rebuild itself. The graft works as a frame for your new bone. After some time, your remarkable body will rebuild with its own bone over the graft. This provides you with a solid foundation and assists in keeping your oral health on track with maintaining a good amount of healthy bone tissue around your teeth.

If you are in need of a bone graft or are interested in learning more about this procedure, then we welcome you to contact our MGS Dental staff for more information and assistance. Our experienced and knowledgeable dentists can provide you with high-quality procedures and dental care. Schedule your next consultation with one of our dentists today!


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