Sinus Lifts in Tewksbury, MA

Dental implants can restore your fabulous smile, but not everyone is a good candidate for an implant surgery. If you don’t have enough strong bone, the titanium post cannot be placed. Traditionally, the back upper jaw is one of the hardest areas to insert dental implants due to a lack of sufficient bone quality and quantity, and the proximity to the sinus. If you have bone loss in the sinus area from missing teeth, periodontal disease, or some other cause, you may be out of luck if you want implants. Fortunately, a sinus lift procedure from MGS Dental can help. Interested in our sinus lifts in Tewksbury, MA? Schedule an appointment for your sinus lift consultation today!

Sinus Lifts Tewksbury, MA

Sinus lifts can remove this obstacle for many dental implant hopefuls. This oral surgery can correct the problem by lifting the sinus floor and growing new bone.

Several techniques are used to raise the sinus area. Talk to Dr. Mikhail Gomer about available bone graft material options needed to regenerate missing bone and tissue.

How Soon After My Tewksbury Sinus Lift Can Implants Be Placed?

The incision for the sinus lift procedure is then closed, and healing begins. Each patient is different, but bone is typically allowed 4 to 12 months to develop before dental implants can be placed successfully.

After your dental implant surgery, more healing time is required. In some cases, a sinus lift and implant surgery can be performed at the same time. For sinus lifts in Tewksbury, MA schedule your appointment today!

Schedule Sinus Lifts Tewksbury, MA

Searching for sinus lifts in Tewksbury, MA? Sinus lift surgery is a ray of hope for patients who would otherwise be unable to have dental implants placed to restore a beautiful smile. To see if you’re a candidate for our sinus lifts in Tewksbury, MA, schedule a consultation with MGS Dental today.


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