Bone Grafts in Tewksbury, MA

Searching about bone grafts in Tewksbury, MA? Dental bone grafts are a procedure in which bone tissue is added to your jawbone in order to increase bone mass or replace bone that’s been damaged or lost over time. It’s a surgical procedure that takes just one visit to our MGS Dental office to complete. Schedule bone grafts in Tewksbury, MA today!

Tewksbury Bone Grafts

The most common reason you might need a bone graft is if you’re interested in getting dental implants. A dental implant is a sturdy rod that’s embedded into your jawbone, usually to serve as an anchor for dentures or a crown. Implants need a lot of bone in order to heal properly, so patients who don’t have enough bone to begin with or have lost bone tissue over time might need a dental bone graft before the implant procedure can go forward.

Bone Grafts in Tewksbury, MA

Interested in our bone graft treatment in Tewksbury? Bone grafting technology has come a long way in recent years, and thanks to anesthesia you won’t feel anything during the procedure itself. We’ll add more bone tissue where it’s needed and you’ll be all set. You might not be able to drive yourself home after the surgery, so be sure you bring an adult with you who’s able to give you a ride home.

The most important part of tooth bone grafting procedures is the healing process. Try to be gentle with the area until it’s healed. The bone itself will take a few months to become fully integrated with your jawbone, but after that you can return anytime to have your dental implant procedure done. Ready for your dental implants? Schedule your bone grafts in Tewksbury, MA today!

Schedule Bone Grafts Tewksbury, MA

To talk to Drs. Svetlana or Mikhail Gomer about dental bone grafts in Tewksbury, MA or to make your next appointment, give MGS Tewksbury a call at (978) 851-7012 today!


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