Our Patient Stories

At MGS Dental, our patients mean everything to us. We strive to provide extraordinary, compassionate and effective dental care to everyone who walks through our door. Below are some patient stories our wonderful dental patients have provided. We are thankful for every patient testimonial we receive. Want your patient story to be featured among our patient testimonials? Let us know, we’d love to hear your feedback and story!

Susan T. Andover

I have always been self conscience of my smile my entire life. Not only did I have tiny teeth, I also had two peg laterals (size of baby teeth) and a cross-bite, but my smile was all gum :( I would hesitate to laugh out loud, let alone smile big for fear of exposing my horrible smile in its "gummy" grandeur. Unfortunately, I long since came to accept that my smile was just that... my smile. To change it would require significant cost, surgury, braces, time and patience ... all of which I didn't have. Then I met Dr. Gomer and her staff and Dr. Gomer presented me with a plan that would fit my life style and budget.

I have a smile today that I only dreamt. .. never imagined. .. I could have. Dr. Gomer and her incredible staff walked me through the process... step by step... Appointment by apoointment... encouraging and with great care and patience along the way. Never, at any point in the process did I ever feel uncomfortable. Never before did I have so much trust and respect for a practice.

At some point i will need to relocate back to PA but will not hesitate to make the trip to MA for my annual check up with MGS Dental. I sincerely, without reservation, would recommend this practice for the small to great dental needs. They are incredible and provide unsurpassed care!

Michael M.

I had been a patient of the dentist previously at this location for many years, and have continued with Dr. Gomer after she took over the practice. The location had been very convenient to my place of employment , but now that i am retired, I drive 32 miles to continue to receive my dental care from here. I have had EXTENSIVE dental work all my life and Dr.Gomer's care has been the best I've received. Artistry is as much a part of dentistry as is medicine and her work is meticulous. She has performed an amazing amount of work to my teeth with outstanding results! She and her staff are all professionals in performance of their duties and are completely successful in their objective of total patient satisfaction!

Donna N., Tewksbury

I am a 63 year old woman who for over 50 years, that's half a century has been terrified of dentists. When I was around 7 years old I had a traumatic experience that would forever change my life. Apparently a dentist held me down and filed my front teeth and had done other work without the use of novacaine. After that experience I could not and would not go to any dentist. My mother regrets not going in to help me when she heard me screaming. She tried everything after that to help me get dental work done. She even took me into Boston to see a dentist that was sure the sedatives he would give me would knock me out cold, and he could get the work done. I was around 10 then and recall they did nothing for me until I was out of the office and on the train home with my mother-I fell fast asleep on the ride home. I recall the dentist telling my mother it was a deep rooted fear. I don't even remember the actual incident. All I knew is I couldn't have any dental work done even if I wanted to. So thru grade school, high school and college I had some awful tooth aches to say the least. It was bad. By the time I was able to have any work done I was in my 20's and was able to have some work done with the use of Nitric Oxide, laughing gas. But it was not much and even with that it was still an extremely terrifying experience to say the least.

Soon I needed some serious work done due to the neglect. Crowns, root canals, extractions etc.

It was simply a mess that I felt would never get better. And it wasn't. Eventually I ended up having all of my top teeth extracted. I found a dentist that made me feel comfortable enough with the use of heavy sedatives and IV sedation to have all the work done in one sitting. Since that time over 15 years ago I have learned that IV sedation and the sedatives are not good for me.

And all along I have known that oral health is very important. Extremely important. More than I had realized. Root canals needed and ignored can actually cause heart problems, even cancer! Old silver filling were poisoning me slowly. Not being able to chew properly was causing digestive issues for me. So I decided to have my lower teeth out. Again I figured the only way I could do this is under total sedation. I have learned that total IV sedation is not really a health way to do things. For me it was even worse due to my health. But I figured I had to do something and it was the lesser of the two evils, not acting or the health risk of total sedation. So I went for it. I found a dentist I thought I could work with. I had the pre work done, exams, measurements etc. About 6 visits of work-each visit very hard to get thru even though it was just prep work Each and every time I went and sat in that chair I experienced the traumatic feelings of fear and anxiety and it was awful. Each and every time I sat in that dental chair and opened my mouth I felt terrified. A dental fear is real. If one is severely traumatized especially at an early age, one just does not get over that easily. So I thought everything was set and at the last minute this dentist decided he wanted to do much more work than he originally quoted for over twice the price and I was devastated, felt betrayed and realized it was happening again. I couldn't trust this dentist now. He just didn't get it. I left that dentist and something made me go literally several minutes down the street and walk into MGS dental, I had a loose tooth that I knew was on the verge of infection and was afraid of having to take antibiotics. Did you know that you could literally die from an infected tooth if you ignore it long enough?

If you want to know how this turns out see second post!

So I found Dr. Gomer and her staff. And what transpired is the beginning of a relationship that I will go as far as to say a loving relationship with this dentist. Dr. Gomer and soon her entire staff including her husband Dr. Gomer all made me feel comfortable and safe. They encouraged me and with the help of the Nu Calm system I was able to get that loose tooth extracted!! I was awake and I got thru it!! They did not pressure me and I was able to trust them. They showed me I could do this. The Nu Calm system is a much healthier way to have the work done and it works. I am a chemist and understand the supplements they use and I know that it won't cause any harm to my body. I tried it again and was able to have something like 8 teeth extracted all in one visit and I didn't feel a thing but relaxed! I was amazed and eventually was able to have dental implants done. Every time I did the work using the Nu Calm system I was relaxed and I was not knocked out, able to drive myself after the visit. It just made me feel very relaxed. I finally got my dentures with the implants and I love how they look and feel. After a few adjustments I am able to eat just about anything and chew properly. I finally feel healthy and no longer feel I am slowly poisoning my body with my rotting teeth. I mean my teeth weren't really rotting but I knew they weren't really health especially the roots and under the gums where you can't really see what's going on and it was just a matter of time before I felt the ill effects if not already. I was spending thousands of dollars on myself trying to be healthy, eating right, doing all the doctors recommended tests for a person my age etc. yet neglecting my teeth. Little by little I felt I was sabotaging my health. I was finally able to take back control of this with the help of Dr.s Gomer and their staff. They offer the Nu Calm system because they know and understand dental fear is real. And they aren't out just for the money. They did only what I asked for and didn't betray my trust. They are truly concerned for my health I could feel that from the first visit. So you are probably reading this and thinking this isn't going to work for me, I am different. That is what I swore. I was the exception. It won't help me, I react to everything-And I do. The supplements in the Nu Calm won't be enough to help me. Not so Not SO NOT SO!!! Al I can say is if I did not experience this myself I would not believe it myself. And That I am forever grateful to Dr's Svetlana and Mikhail Gomer and their entire staff. I believe that everything in this world happens for a reason and that if we don't take chances we will stay forever stuck in a place we don't really want to be. We have choices and I am glad I chose MGS Dental and their staff and took the chance. I am taking the time to write this with the sincere hope that it helps just one person and that one person will pass it on.Thanks,

Julia B., Boston

I have been a patient at MGS since they took over my previous dentist’s practice a number of years ago (10+?). I have always had positive experiences with Dr. Gomer and her staff. A few notable experiences come to mind that show how dedicated she is to her patients. About 4 years ago I was having a lot of pain the week before thanksgiving. Dr. Gomer was away and the office was closed. I left a message for her, expecting a call back after the holiday weekend. I received a call within an hour from her and she helped get me an appointment that same day with another local dentist so I could hopefully eat without pain on Thanksgiving. Another visit showed that I had 3 small cavities. Even though I had the last appointment of the day, she filled all 3 of them for me right then and there so I wouldn’t have to come back. Because they were small I chose to have it done without Novocain and there was no pain at all! I now live about 45 minutes away, but still make the drive and wouldn’t think about going anyplace else!

Michael B., Villarica

From the front desk to dental assistant to the Doctor, I have had nothing but a great experience! They made my bad situation much better. I cannot thank them enough for all the work they have done for me! Here's to many more years of good health thanks to MGS Dental!