Collagen Thread Lifts in Tewksbury, MA

Collagen Thread Lifts (The No-Surgery Face Lifting Alternative)

Searching for a non-surgical face lift in Tewksbury, MA? As much as we try to avoid it, the fact is that our skin sags as we age. Lifestyle factors, sun exposure, and plain old gravity all result in wrinkles and less elasticity than you used to have, especially in the face and neck area.

If you’ve ever thought about getting a face- or neck-lift but didn’t like the idea of incisions or a long recovery time, collagen thread lifts might be for you! Thread lifts are a great way to achieve a facelift without surgery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for collagen thread lifts in Tewksbury, MA

About Our Collagen Thread Lifts in Tewksbury, MA

A collagen thread lift in Tewksbury, MA is a procedure in which collagen threads are injected into the skin, encouraging skin tightening and giving you a younger-looking face in just one appointment. Thread lifts work best on the lower face and neck, and you should see results right after the procedure. Our Tewksbury threadlifts don’t require as many touch-ups as other procedures, such as Botox, and can last for years.

About Our Non Surgical Face Lift: Collagen Thread Lifts Tewksbury, MA

Considering collagen thread lifts in Tewkbury, MA? The trick is to inject the collagen in strategic directions, which then pulls the skin to tighten it. After the area heals, your skin will absorb the threads and begin to generate its own collagen. This can take up to six months, by which time you’ll notice a considerably more youthful appearance. The entire process is quick, easy, and convenient for you. It’s also much more affordable than most surgical options, and who doesn’t want a younger-looking face for a good price?

Tewksbury Collagen Thread Lift Near You

Drs. Svetlana and Mikhail Gomer at MGS Dental are proud to offer collagen thread lifts in Tewksbury, MA. Give us a call at (978) 851-7012 to book an appointment for a non surgical face lift today!


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