Same-Day Dental Emergency Treatment in Tewksbury, MA

Think you may need same-day dental emergency treatment in Tewksbury, MA? It’s easy to worry if you think you’re having a dental emergency, but the best thing you can do is stay calm. Our emergency dentist in Tewksbury, MA is alway here to help. Unless you’re bleeding and it doesn’t seem to clot, it’s almost always better to see our Tewksbury emergency dentists, Drs. Svetlana or Mikhail Gomer at MGS Dental, for a dental emergency than it is to go to the emergency room, since dentists are more experienced in matters of the mouth. If you have a dental emergency, don’t panic—here’s what you need to know before you contact our emergency dentist near you.

Tewksbury Emergency Dental Care Near You

Wondering if you need to visit our emergency dentist in Tewksbury, MA? There are a few things that might be considered a dental emergency, including:

  • Mouth or teeth bleeding that does not clot within ten minutes
  • Severe tooth or gum pain
  • Complications from a dental procedure, like dry socket
  • Broken teeth
  • A tooth that has been knocked out

Looking for an emergency dentist in Tewksbury, MA? If you have any symptoms that worry you, even if they’re not on this list, it’s better to be safe than sorry and seek same day dental emergency treatment. Call MGS Dental at (978) 851-7012, one of our emergency dentists near Andover will see you as soon as possible.

What to Do

  • If you’re bleeding a lot after an oral procedure and it won’t seem to stop, you should first go to the emergency room so they can help stop the blood loss. After that, give our emergency dentist near you a call and we can provide same day dental emergency treatment.
  • For pain, you can try taking over-the-counter painkillers to manage it until you get to our office.
  • If your tooth has been knocked out, there’s a chance we can save it if you act fast. Keep the tooth either in the pocket of your cheek or submerged in a glass of milk until you can get to emergency dental care office near you. Usually we can re-attach the tooth if we get to it within the first few hours.
  • For broken teeth, even if you’re not in pain, it’s a good idea to get emergency dental care near you as soon as you can. The jagged edges can damage your soft mouth tissues, and there’s always the risk that the tooth will break further.

Emergency Dentist Tewksbury, MA

For any Tewksbury dental emergency, we’d be happy to provide same day dental emergency treatment and help get your problems fixed. Call MGS Dental at (978) 851-7012 to see Drs. Svetlana or Mikhail Gomer as soon as possible for your same day dental emergency treatment


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