What To Eat or Avoid After A Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are titanium screws which a dental professional surgically places in your jawbone. The procedure replaces missing teeth with natural-looking dental bridges and usually takes a few months to heal completely. Knowing how to care for your post-surgery smile is essential to get the best result from the dental procedure.

Dentists advise that you should pay attention to what you eat in the first few weeks after surgery. Avoiding certain foods will make the healing process faster and with less discomfort.

What Foods Can You Eat After The Dental Implant Procedure?

To help you recover comfortably and quickly, dentists suggest that you eat:

  • Soft Foods: Like mashed potatoes, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and fruits are less tough on the teeth and are ideal after the surgery.
  • Vitamin A Rich Foods: such as dairy products, liver, and fish help your body replace and regulate cells that support bone growth.
  • Soups: Veggie soup and stews are the perfect meals for healthy teeth.

To support faster healing and recovery after surgery, dentists recommend that you avoid:

  • Acidic And Sugary Foods: Acidic foods and beverages including grains, soda, and alcohol, can weaken your tooth enamel. Sugar is notoriously bad for your general oral health.
  • Hot and Cold Beverages: prevent discomfort by avoiding beverages at extreme temperatures which can cause inflammation and swelling.
  • Avoid Hard Foods: chewy and crunchy foods such as gums, popcorn, cookies, or meat can severely damage the new implant. Also, avoid using straws during your recovery.

Also, dental professionals advise that you stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Packing up on fluids help you boost immunity and hastens the healing process.

Ensure you visit your dentist to check-up on the healing process and provide further guidance.

With proper care and regular check-up with your dentist, your brand new replacement teeth is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.


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